Associated Press: “CNN names Brian Stelter host of ‘Reliable Sources’”

The Associated Press: NEW YORK (AP) — CNN says media reporter Brian Stelter is the new host of “Reliable Sources,” the network’s weekly look at developments in the media world. The network says Stelter will also serve as a senior media correspondent for CNN Worldwide. He comes from The New York Times, where he was a media industry reporter. He replaces Howard Kurtz, who left the two-decade-old program earlier this year to join Fox News Channel. Read more…

I’m joining CNN

Here’s the press release: CNN has named The New York Times media industry reporter Brian Stelter host of Reliable Sources, the network’s weekly show that focuses on the top media stories and news analysis each Sunday at 11:00amET on CNN/U.S. Stelter will also serve as a senior media correspondent for CNN Worldwide, reporting on trends, personalities, and companies across the media spectrum — from news to entertainment. He will report daily on CNN/U.S., CNN International,,, and across CNN’s vast mobile and social landscape, feeding and flowing into his show and creating a multiplatform, global media beat for CNN. […]

Page One story: “Same Time, Same Channel? TV Woos Kids Who Can’t Wait”

An excerpt from my story in the 11/11/13 edition of The New York Times: When Eric Nelson’s 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and 10-year-old son, Asa, discover that they cannot rewind or fast-forward a TV show, they are perplexed — and their father is, too. It is hard to explain the limitations of live television to children who have grown up in an on-demand world. “They say ‘live TV’ the way I say ‘doing my taxes’ — with resignation,” said Mr. Nelson, a literary agent in Manhattan. Charlotte and Asa, like many children, perceive all of television to be more Netflix than […]

NPR’s “All Things Considered:” Netflix Rebounds From 2011 Stumbles By Listening To Audience

Audie Cornish talks to Brian Stelter, media reporter for The New York Times, about the success of Netflix and how the video streaming company has turned itself around.

CNN segment about “Crossfire” disclosures “Guest host Brian Stelter shares his thoughts about disclosure involving CNN’s Crossfire.” Washington Post: CNN’s l’affaire Gingrich: Network shows the courage to audit itself The Huffington Post: CNN Guest Host Brian Stelter Criticizes Network Over Newt Gingrich Ethics Rules Mediaite: CNN Host Brian Stelter Criticizes Crossfire Disclosure Policy: ‘CNN Can Do Better’

CNN interview with AMC’s president “President of AMC Charlie Collier joins guest host Brian Stelter to discuss how Breaking Bad became such a hit for his network. Then, James Poniewozik and Maureen Ryan look ahead to the show’s finale.”

September 29, 2013: guest-hosting “Reliable Sources”

Here’s the transcript of the Sept. 29 show and the video of the first segment:

Page One story: “Race to End for ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Who Got Behind”

An excerpt from my story in the 9/28/13 edition of The New York Times: Right now, Kyle Bauer fears “Breaking Bad” spoilers more than a pop quiz in class. At the University of Pittsburgh, where Mr. Bauer is studying engineering, students cram into his dormitory lounge every Sunday night to watch the latest episode. But not Mr. Bauer, who was, as of Monday, still about 20 episodes behind. That night, he started binge-viewing so that he can be in the lounge for Sunday’s all-important finale — figuring that if he’s not there to see the ending when everyone else does, […]

CNN interview with Glenn Greenwald

From the September 1, 2013 edition of “Reliable Sources:”


September 1, 2013: guest-hosting “Reliable Sources”

Here’s the transcript of the show and the video of the first segment:

CNN interview with Henry Blodget

Henry Blodget joins “Reliable Sources” guest host Brian Stelter to weigh in on Jeff Bezos and his future plans for The Washington Post:


CNN interview with ESPN chief

ESPN President John Skipper speaks with “Reliable Sources” guest host Brian Stelter on Fox’s new sport network and the future of sports journalism:


July 31 CNN segment about Rush Limbaugh

A conversation with Carol Costello about a possible breakup between Rush Limbaugh and one of his radio partners:


Rush Limbaugh on me: “I think he’s 16″

An amusing sequence on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” this afternoon: LIMBAUGH: I did Greta last night, and it was a full hour, and they got enough tape that there’s gonna be another full hour on Friday. The fact that I was on Fox last night for an hour was almost the lead story on CNN today. We have three sound bites. Carol Costello, the former Rush stalker. Before she was an anchor, she was a reporter, and she had the Rush beat. And she had as her guest, Brian Stelter, who used to work at a TV blog and then […]