Keynotes, panels and college visits

A list of recent college visits and other public speaking appearances:

  • November 5, 2013: University of Missouri: Digital Identity and Online Entrepreneurship
  • September 19, 2013: Weber State University: “Social Media’s Impact on Governments: Past, Present, and Future”
  • September 18, 2013: Brigham Young University: “Social Media’s Impact on Governments: Past, Present, and Future”

  • May 22, 2013: Speech at Internet Week NY: “Can morning shows survive the digital age?”

  • April 13, 2013: Northern University: Opening keynote at the Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council’s digital storytelling summit

  • March 18, 2013: Skidmore College: “Twenty Somethings, How are They Viewed and What is Expected of Them and by Whom”

  • February 21, 2013: Drury University: “Voices Unbound: New Media and the Future of Democracy”
  • January 31, 2013: Florida International University: “The Future is Social. How Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are changing the way we talk and think”

  • October 21, 2012: 92nd Street Y: panelist at “Social Media and the New Political Landscape”

  • May 15, 2012: Internet Week NY: in conversation with David Carr
  • May 3, 2012: Stony Brook University: guest speaker at annual banquet for journalism majors
  • March 22, 2012: University of Memphis: “Old media, New Media, Your Media”
  • December 8, 2011: Yale Law School’s Knight Law and Media Program: “Social Media and the Newsroom”

  • October 21, 2011: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “‘A Robot Sent to Destroy Me:’ The New Media Invasion and the Future of News”

  • October 4, 2011: class visits at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University