Complete list of 2019 stories

I had 340 bylines between January and December 2019. I used this list of every single story to choose the most memorable ones.

Media at a flashpoint: 2019 year in review

Marc Benioff bought Time Magazine to help address a ‘crisis of trust’

Trump attacks whistleblower in tweetstorm full of rants and conspiracies

‘Watchman for truth:’ Why this Supreme Court Justice’s warning from 1945 is still relevant today

Washington Post editor Marty Baron says critics are distorting ‘Merry Impeachmas’ photo

‘Fox & Friends’ gives its most powerful viewer some post-impeachment affirmation

NBCUniversal chief Steve Burke says he will step down on January 1

The right-wing media roots of impeachment

Trump hijacks news cycle with ‘unhinged’ letter on impeachment eve

Twitter, Fox News and the other ways in which this impeachment is different

The Washington Post’s Afghanistan Papers probe started with a single tip

“We’re on deadline”: The Newseum is closing down after 12 years in Washington

Sinclair drops political commentary segments by former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn

Schumer calls out Trump’s ‘fictions’ and Fox’s ‘known liars’

Why the Washington Post’s Afghanistan investigation is such a big deal

Bill Hemmer to succeed Shep Smith as Fox’s afternoon news anchor

Kennedy Center Honors celebrates the influence of Sesame Street

Editorial boards of Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe call for Trump’s impeachment

Viacom and CBS are now the same company. What’s next?

How a local newspaper reporter helped expose Rep. Duncan Hunter’s corruption

This third grader’s question from the Clinton impeachment still applies today

‘Everybody’s nightmare come true’: Bloomberg reporters grapple with covering Bloomberg campaign

Republican leaders are avoiding TV interviews as impeachment looms

Shepard Smith slams vilification of the press in first remarks since leaving Fox News

MSNBC’s Democratic debate was the least-watched so far

Seven C-SPAN cameras give us all the angles of the impeachment inquiry

Why this week is a ‘major turning point’ for America’s daily newspapers

Jimmy Finkelstein, the owner of The Hill, has flown under the radar. But he’s played a key role in the Ukraine scandal

How the Trump era has sorted us into ‘pro,’ ‘anti’ and ‘never’ categories

Journalism school dean’s message to activists: ‘We must allow journalists to do their jobs’

Americans take pride in local news, but most are unwilling to pay for it, study finds

Fox’s prime time stars are telling Trump that the impeachment hearings are a ‘disaster’ for Democrats

Ratings for first impeachment hearing show healthy interest and a serious partisan divide

Carl Bernstein’s advice for viewers watching the Trump impeachment hearings

Anonymous anti-Trump book is already a hit and it’s not on shelves until next week

Sean Spicer eliminated from ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Fingerprints from right-wing media figures are all over the Trump impeachment depositions

Bill Moyers: ‘Do facts matter anymore? I think they do’

John Bolton lands a book deal. It will publish before the 2020 presidential election

Gwyneth Paltrow says her feelings about Harvey Weinstein are complicated

Thirty media and tech companies join new ‘Protect Press Freedom’ campaign

Fox News brass to network hosts and personalities: Do not identify the whistleblower

Journalists at ground zero on 9/11 have been getting sick. But there is help

From A to Z: How the Trump era has upended the art of the interview

Justice Dept. is trying to ‘intimidate’ author of anonymous anti-Trump book, agents say

How often does Trump misspell words on Twitter? These researchers have an answer

With Wonderstruck, BBC America wants to give you a break from the news

Fox News departure: Catherine Herridge joins CBS News, saying ‘facts matter’

Fox’s Laura Ingraham pressures Mitch McConnell to defend Trump

With HBO Max, AT&T is launching a streaming service that ‘a lot of people said couldn’t be done’

Big changes are coming to AT&T after shareholder battle

A single weekend showcases the Trump presidency’s highs and lows

NBC staffers harbor doubts about network’s leadership over handling of Weinstein, Lauer cases

Facebook News launches in testing phase as local newsrooms fear being left behind

Looking back, and looking forward, one month into the Trump impeachment probe

One week after ABC’s Syria video screw-up, the network still hasn’t explained how it happened

Australian newspapers black out front pages as media unites to defend press freedom

In the Trump era, news cycles are out and shock cycles are in

On day 1,000 of Trump’s presidency, Pelosi says ‘we have to pray for his health’

ProPublica and Texas Tribune joining forces to create new investigative unit

Questions swirl after ABC airs video from Kentucky gun range, labeled as Syria

Ronan Farrow says National Enquirer shredded Trump-related documents

NBC News president skewers Ronan Farrow for ‘efforts to defame’ network

CNN and White House reporters say Trump should denounce vile anti-media video

Fox News staffers worry Shepard Smith’s departure will further push out facts

Why Shep Smith finally walked out of Fox News for good

Online trolls have hijacked the national conversation. Here’s what newsrooms should do about it

Shepard Smith makes shocking announcement that he is leaving Fox News

The cable network that is Foxier than Fox — and that Trump is promoting

One day, one president, two very different opinions of Fox

Ronan Farrow alleges Harvey Weinstein threatened NBC with Matt Lauer’s secrets

Brooke Nevils, Matt Lauer rape accuser, fires back at him

Former NBC staffer accuses Matt Lauer of rape in Ronan Farrow’s new book

Newsrooms are gearing up for the Trump impeachment inquiry with new hires, podcasts and newsletters

ESPN faces criticism over its coverage of Hong Kong tweet and the NBA

‘This means war:’ News outlets explain standoff between White House and Congress

Trump dodged one of the key questions about Ukraine — so this reporter kept asking

New stories about Trump raise the question: How much more will come out?

Vice Media closing in on Refinery29 acquisition

Scoops, stories and a ‘blizzard of disinformation’ as scandal engulfs DC

Joe Biden thinks TV producers should stop putting Rudy Giuliani on air

Trump’s right-wing media diet is a factor in the impeachment inquiry

The New York Times couldn’t count on the Trump administration to get a reporter to safety. So Ireland stepped in

Congressional reporters say the impeachment terrain is shifting

Carl Bernstein hears echoes of Watergate in new scandal involving Trump and Ukraine

News outlets chase leads as whistleblower mystery deepens

AT&T is reportedly exploring a sale of DirecTV

ABC debate notches 14 million viewers, a sign that interest in primaries is still strong

How Trump’s false claims about Hurricane Dorian became an 11-day story

Alabama is the newest front in Trump’s war on truth

‘She Said:’ New book recounts the reporting that revealed Harvey Weinstein’s abuses

Washington Post editor defends reporters from Trump’s ‘dangerous’ attacks

Taxpayers are funding the Trump White House’s misinformation campaign

NPR names new chief executive

Where is Trump getting his bogus info about Dorian and Alabama?

AT&T makes WarnerMedia boss John Stankey the presumptive successor to its CEO

Trump claimed Dorian could hit Alabama — even after weather service refuted it

Why Trump’s constant attacks on an independent press are so dangerous

Looking ahead to 2019′s fall TV season and changes in the media landscape

Alex Trebek is done with chemotherapy and back at work on ‘Jeopardy!’

Amid criticism, O’Rourke campaign says it won’t ban Breitbart from future events

Will ABC’s Democratic debate be one night or two? The candidates are worried

The hardest Trump story for the press to cover: His fitness for the job

Sean Spicer on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’ ABC staffers say ‘it’s a slap in the face’

Playboy columnist sues Trump White House over press pass suspension

Police say no ‘evidence that a crime occurred’ after USA Today building evacuated

Tucker Carlson wrongly tells his viewers the country’s white supremacy problem ‘is a hoax’

Here’s how reporters are covering the aftermath of an anti-Latino hate crime

Murdoch’s New York Post urges Trump to ban assault weapons

Anchors and opinion writers call El Paso attack ‘terror in America’

The Trump administration threatens to suspend Brian Karem’s press pass

Turmoil inside the L.A. Times as weak digital subscription numbers spark all-staff meeting

Second night of CNN’s Democratic debate drew 11.3 million viewers on TV and online

Democratic debate on CNN drew 9.2 million viewers on first night

Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate

Fox Theatre in Detroit transformed into CNN stage for two nights of Democratic debates

From Fox to the Sun, battle over Baltimore rages in the wake of Trump’s tweets

The Fox News distortions behind Trump’s attack on Baltimore and its congressman

TV viewership for Mueller hearings falls flat

Trump’s lies are getting bolder and the press is stuck in the middle

Judge dismisses Sandmann lawsuit against the Washington Post

These journalists exposed the corruption that led to Puerto Rico’s mass protests

How TV anchors are preparing for the Mueller hearing

Pete Buttigieg’s interview on country radio was silenced

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard is taking the day off from his radio show after chiding network for its no-politics policy

How six Florida newsrooms are working together to strengthen climate change coverage

Former White House spokesman Raj Shah is now a senior VP at Fox

How Fox News fuels Trump’s fixation with AOC and Ilhan Omar

Remembering Walter Cronkite’s words on the day of the Apollo 11 moon landing

Trump, Omar and democracy: ‘This is a struggle about the identity of the United States’

How news outlets are dealing with the ‘moral dimension’ of covering Trump and his racist tweets

Murrow’s words from 1954 apply to the Trump age: ‘We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty’

Tucker Carlson blasts Rep. Ilhan Omar, and she calls him a ‘racist fool’

Mueller day is one week away

US viewers tuned into women’s World Cup final in record numbers

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest shows the power of one newspaper’s investigation

Meghan McCain, ‘miserable’ at ABC, mulls leaving ‘The View’

For these journalists, the earthquakes that rocked Ridgecrest were personal

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz takes portraits of five women running for president

Stelter: Trump is still being graded on a curve too often

In Youngstown, Ohio, the local paper celebrated its 150th year in business. Now it’s closing

One year since shooting: How the Capital Gazette is remembering their fallen

18 million watched Harris, Biden face-off in highest-rated Democratic primary debate ever

More than 15 million viewers tuned into the first Democratic debate of the 2020 race

Can the Democrats score ratings points in the age of Trump?

Washington Post expands Spanish language content with podcast and opinion columns

Sports anchor Bob Ley retires after 40 years at ESPN

Apple launches candidate guide for 2020 Democratic debates on its News app

Heart-breaking photo of dead migrants comes amid ‘blackout on press access’

Seven days and seven examples of the alliance between Trump and Murdoch

Ann Sarnoff named chair and CEO of Warner Bros. She is the first woman to run the studio

WarnerMedia banks on HBO’s brand name for new streaming service

Democratic debates set to bring historic diversity to the stages

Foundation seeks to build memorial for journalists who died doing their jobs

Trump threatened Time journalist with prison over Kim Jong Un letter

The top prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissmann, is writing a book.

All of the Democratic primary debates will be live-streamed

Why Washington regulators and lawmakers are turning their attention to YouTube

NY Times publisher writes op-ed in Wall Street Journal to defend the free press

Wednesday is 100 days without an on-camera White House press briefing

President Trump is suddenly using the word ‘treason’ a lot

Sarah Sanders’ legacy: The death of the White House press briefing

With Sarah Sanders leaving, who will take over as White House press secretary?

Weatherman who defied ‘Code Red’ alerts is out of a job

Stephanopoulos lands another news-making interview with Trump for ABC

Fox News says matter ‘resolved’ after Britt McHenry brought harassment claim against co-host Tyrus

MSNBC and New York Times at odds over reporter appearances on Maddow

House begins probe into Big Tech with sympathetic look at news business

Critics bemoan New York Times’ decision to stop running editorial cartoons

Why CNN’s Jim Acosta titled his new book ‘The Enemy of the People’

Can newspapers be saved from Big Tech? This proposal aims to try

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins mocks Trump’s knowledge of Mars

A Mueller Report book club, NYT opinion staffer’s draft articles of impeachment, and a newsworthy voicemail

Spotify strikes deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to produce exclusive podcasts

Pew Research Center finds widespread agreement about the ‘made-up news’ malady

Michael Wolff defends book sourcing, says Trump era is getting ‘crazier and crazier’

AT&T stock rises and company shrugs after Trump suggests a boycott of the company

Echoes of George Orwell: Trump denies saying something he said on tape

Hollywood studios say they’ll reconsider productions in states where abortion is severely restricted

Disney, Netflix and WarnerMedia say new abortion law may push their movies out of Georgia

Amash says many Republican lawmakers ‘think I’m right,’ but ‘they just won’t say it’

Summer 2019 media preview: What to watch, hear, read, download this season

Stelter: A pathetic, but persuasive, strain of political disinformation about Pelosi

Reporter writing book about Alex Jones and ‘the Sandy Hook families’ fight for online truth’

Networks and newspapers are covering growing pressure for impeachment inquiry

San Francisco journalist heads to court after widely condemned police raid

Trump calls out Fox for booking Democrats, showing his disregard for journalism

How does Twitter chatter warp our thinking about what’s popular and important?

Why 2020 hopefuls like to announce their plans at the crack of dawn

Elizabeth Warren is rejecting Fox News, but most of her rivals aren’t

Streaming takes the stage at this year’s TV upfront week

Fresh faces on stage at the TV industry’s upfronts this week

Michael Wolff has written a Trump sequel. It’s called ‘Siege’ and will be out on June 4

It’s been 57 days since the White House had an on-camera press briefing

House Democrats aim — and train — for more air time on Fox News

This is the Infowars presidency in action

CBS News shakes up morning and evening lineups

Anatomy of a smear: How far-right websites spread a fake story about Pete Buttigieg

Trump tweets support for far-right figures banned by Facebook

Staffers hold their breath as ‘epic’ changes come to CBS News

How an anti-Semitic cartoon ended up in The New York Times

Journalists in danger now have a growing coalition of support

‘The Mueller Report’ debuts at No. 1 on NYT best sellers list

Here’s what we didn’t know when William Barr released his letter in March

Biden says Americans have to choose ‘truth over lies’ while Trump insults him

Unanswered questions as New York Times conducts review after anti-Semitic editorial cartoon

Washington Post says Trump has topped 10,000 false or misleading statements

New York Times says it is ‘deeply sorry’ for running anti-Semitic cartoon

Historian Ron Chernow honors journalists, First Amendment at White House Correspondents Dinner

Hillary Clinton urges Democrats to hold Watergate-style television hearings

Days after ousting, Julia Angwin says she wants to remake The Markup

China could help push ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to a billion dollar weekend

White House ordered Trump administration officials to boycott WHCA Dinner

Big names and big doubts as Luminary launches subscription podcast app

Stelter: Mueller report shows why the media must stand up for morality and decency

The Mueller Report is already a best-seller

Sarah Sanders admitted she lied to the White House press. Does she have any credibility left?

Mueller’s findings are fresh fuel for the never-ending information wars

Trump wants his base to watch Fox News or OANN on Mueller report day

‘Newsrooms, make sure you have enough toner in your printer:’ America counts down to Mueller report’s release

Fox News’ viewer-in-chief complains about the network’s Bernie Sanders town hall

Seven takeaways from this year’s Pulitzer Prize presentation

Notre Dame was burning and all the world could do was watch together

Hollywood writers begin firing their agents over fee dispute

Julian Assange’s arrest could end as a test for press freedom

The National Enquirer is for sale

Discovery pitches advertisers while Disney prepares to unveil subscription service

Media week ahead: Town halls, tech hearings, and tense Hollywood talks

Finnish journalist speaks out after Trump administration cancels ‘Courage’ award

Former News Corp exec explains how he was affected by Fox’s ‘anti-immigrant rhetoric’

Kathie Lee Gifford says she is ‘evolving,’ not retiring, as she exits the ‘Today’ show

Women are now running all three network morning shows for the first time ever

New book reveals turmoil on Capitol Hill in the Trump age

Time, under new owner Marc Benioff, expanding ’100 most influential’ list into day-long event

The City launches in NYC with stories of corruption, subways and a pigeon logo

On International Fact-Checking Day, Trump doesn’t give journalists a break

Trump’s health care tweets are an opportunity for the news media

Fox News apologizes for ’3 Mexican countries’ headline

SNL’s Mueller and Trump cold open illustrates the political divide

Mueller report fallout: Trump appearing on Fox, Comey appearing on NBC

Apple is staffing up as it expands the News app and launches a subscription service

Apple wants to sign you up for a digital newsstand with News+

After Mueller report findings, Team Trump plans to ‘slam and shame the media’

Move over ‘March Madness,’ the networks have ‘Mueller Madness’

Fox’s suspension of Jeanine Pirro extends into second week

George Conway is taking on President Trump where he thrives — on Twitter

Big Tech wants to exorcise America of ‘ghost newspapers.’ But can it?

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation

Warner Bros. chief steps down amid sexual misconduct investigation

Trump’s relationship with Fox News is unprecedented. Sunday’s tweets prove it

Trump lights up Twitter with his St. Patrick’s Day offensive

Father of slain TV journalist says Big Tech needs to police ‘murder videos’

Trump tells Fox to ‘bring back’ Jeanine Pirro; source says she was suspended for Islamophobic remarks

News outlets band together to establish the One Free Press Coalition

Fox’s Shepard Smith: Journalists ‘must never knowingly deceive’

Washington is awash with speculation about Robert Mueller report timing

Alex Trebek resumes taping ‘Jeopardy!’ shows after cancer announcement

Fox News prepares to court advertisers as network grapples with multiple scandals

Disney says its Fox takeover will take effect on March 20

Tucker Carlson defiant against outrage over audio clips: ‘We will never bow to the mob’

Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize for his misogynistic remarks

Newsrooms advocate for government transparency during ‘Sunshine Week’

Buzzfeed CEO aims company toward sustainability amid digital media industry struggles

Sarah Isgur’s CNN role changes from politics editor to commentator

Commentators react to Paul Manafort sentencing ‘shocker’

Television world unites in support of Alex Trebek after he shares cancer diagnosis

Democrats say they will not hold debates on Fox News

Democrats say they will probe report that Trump tried to quash AT&T-Time Warner merger

‘Leaving Neverland’ sparks a re-examination of Michael Jackson’s legacy

WarnerMedia announces restructuring in wake of AT&T takeover

Turner president David Levy leaving as AT&T prepares to install new leadership

White House limits press access at Trump-Kim meeting after reporters asked questions about Michael Cohen

Television networks planning special reports for Michael Cohen’s testimony

Univision journalists freed after being detained at Venezuelan presidential palace

Why George Pell’s conviction is only being reported now, two months later

Netflix’s moment in the best picture spotlight thwarted by a safe bet

CNN’s hiring of ex-Sessions spokeswoman stirs controversy

A CBS News anchor shake-up could be in the works

New York Times responds to Trump’s attack: ‘It’s not just false, it’s dangerous’

Andrew McCabe’s new book ‘The Threat’ is an instant best-seller

Why the Jussie Smollett case warranted skepticism from the very start

Alec Baldwin suggests Trump’s latest attack on ‘SNL’ could be ‘a threat to my safety’

Trump’s national emergency plan caps a day of weird headlines

‘Hold the line,’ Maria Ressa says after posting bail in Manila

How a single poll question illustrates America’s divide over Trump and Russia

Debunking Roger Stone’s anti-CNN conspiracy theory

What is Rappler, the website targeted by the Philippine government?

In ‘Since Parkland,’ students chronicle the gun-related deaths of their peers

Press advocacy groups condemn attack on BBC cameraman at Trump rally

Hannity questions ‘garbage compromise’ as lawmakers seek to avoid shutdown

Report: National Enquirer publisher asked Justice Department if it needed to register as foreign agent

Lawyer for National Enquirer’s CEO denies the tabloid extorted Jeff Bezos

HQ Trivia’s parent company appoints Tinder CEO to its board

National Enquirer’s reporting on Jeff Bezos under scrutiny by federal prosecutors

Jeff Bezos applauded for going public about Enquirer ‘extortion’ attempt

Justice for Jamal Khashoggi: Press freedom advocates call on Trump to stand up to Saudi Arabia

This is what Spotify and The New York Times have in common

Trump’s second State of the Union clocks higher ratings than his first

Why Spotify is making a $500 million bet on podcasting

Competing realities and conflicting reviews after Trump’s State of the Union

‘Fox & Friends’ hypes new ‘caravan’ ahead of State of the Union

Journalists prep for SOTU: The Super Bowl of fact-checking

Super Bowl ratings still super, but drop for Rams-Patriots snoozer

Rating numbers in question after dull Super Bowl Sunday

Facebook’s real test: Are you still logging in every day?

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris gets big ratings for her CNN town hall

Trump’s Twitter insult about ‘Team of Vipers’ might be helping Cliff Sims sell books

NBC calls Tom Brokaw’s assimilation comments ‘inaccurate and inappropriate’

President Trump will sit down with CBS’ Margaret Brennan for Super Bowl interview

Trump criticizes Fox News as the government reopens

Right-wing media split over Trump’s shutdown decision: Did he cave or was it a master stroke?

Is it time for journalists to sign off Twitter?

CNN’s Jim Acosta is writing a book about Trump’s war with the media

BuzzFeed to cut 15% of staff in new round of layoffs

Viacom buys Pluto and Netflix joins the MPAA

Voice of America’s journalists aren’t getting paid. But they’re still reporting the news

BuzzFeed says it still remains confident in its story, one day after Mueller disputed it

BuzzFeed editor calls on Mueller to clarify what he’s disputing in Trump Tower investigation

Report for America aims to replenish news deserts hard hit by journalism’s ‘economic crisis’

Les Moonves will fight for $120 million CBS exit package

The Atlantic’s new cover story makes ‘the case for impeachment’

David Haskell promoted to editor in chief at New York magazine

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ has the longest run atop Amazon since ‘Fifty Shades’

Facebook, fighting off skeptics, plans to invest $300 million in journalism programs

John Kasich signs with CNN as senior political commentator

The Steve King rebuke is proof that solid reporting still matters

Welcome to the Stephen Colbert primary

Gannett journalists anxious amid report that Digital First Media is circling the company

Why the National Enquirer says it decided to investigate Jeff Bezos

Sizing up the shutdown news coverage at the 20-day mark

‘Rowing with the current:’ Hulu’s CEO on the future of streaming TV services

One media reporter’s takeaways from the CES 2019 show floor

Networks wasted no time fact-checking Trump’s Oval Office address

Trump’s border address sparks extraordinary debate inside and outside TV networks

Networks set to air Trump’s prime time address; Pelosi, Schumer demand equal time

Susan Zirinsky named president of CBS News, succeeding David Rhodes

Border wall funding fight is also a fight about basic facts

Pelosi sends a message to Trump as the press covers a ‘power shift’

Deals and dilemmas as the media industry begins 2019

Donald Trump ends 2018 with a Fox News interview — his 41st since inauguration