Notable TV segments in 2016

After compiling this year’s “guest list,” here are some of the highlights from “Reliable Sources” […]

2016 ‘Reliable Sources’ guest list

January 3 Art Roderick, CNN law enforcement analyst Dan Abrams, founder of Mediaite Ian Kullgren, […]

Memorable stories from 2016

I looked through the list of 439 stories I wrote in 2016, and these are […]

Complete list of 2016 stories for CNN

439 stories between January and December. I used this list of every single story to […]

Memorable stories from 2015

I wrote 544 stories for CNNMoney in 2015. Years from now, which ones will I […]

Some of my favorite TV segments in 2015

An incomplete list, in no particular order, of some highlights from “Reliable Sources” in 2015… […]

Some of my favorite TV segments in 2014

An incomplete list, in no particular order, of some highlights from my first full year […]

2014 ‘Reliable Sources’ guest list

Here they are — all of the year’s “Reliable Sources” interviews. Asterisks indicate that they […]

2013 ‘Reliable Sources’ guest list

December 8: Jane Hall, American University journalism professor Paul Farhi, Washington Post media reporter Eric […]

CNN flash camera life

The “flash cam” in Studio 43, CNN NYC


Introduction to my first edition of ‘Reliable Sources’

December 8, 2013 My introduction: “Good morning and welcome to a very snowy Washington. My […]

I’m joining CNN

Here’s the press release: CNN has named The New York Times media industry reporter Brian […]

CNN segment about “Crossfire” disclosures “Guest host Brian Stelter shares his thoughts about disclosure involving CNN’s Crossfire.” Washington Post: […]

CNN interview with AMC’s president “President of AMC Charlie Collier joins guest host Brian Stelter to discuss how Breaking […]