2014 ‘Reliable Sources’ guest list

Here they are — all of the year’s “Reliable Sources” interviews. Asterisks indicate that they only appeared on the web, usually due to breaking news.

(And here’s my curated list of some of the most memorable segments!)

January 5:

Walt Mossberg, co-founder, Re/code

Neetzan Zimmerman, former Gawker editor

Charlotte Koh, head of development, Hulu originals

Dylan Byers, media reporter, Politico
Sally Kohn, a political columnist for the Daily Beast
Callie Crossley, host of “Under the Radar,” WGBH

Thomas Joscelyn, a senior fellow for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

January 12:

Gabriel Sherman, author, “The Loudest Voice in the Room”

Jeffrey M. Berry, professor of political science, Tufts University
Sarah Sobieraj, an associate professor of sociology, Tufts University

Michael Crowley, deputy Washington bureau chief, Time magazine

Sherif Mansour, Middle East and Africa coordinator, Committee to Protect Journalists
Bernard Smith, Qatar-based correspondent, Al Jazeera English

Jacquelyn Martin, AP photographer*

January 19:

Jim Cantore, meteorologist, The Weather Channel
Barry Parr, vice president and lead analyst for Outsell

Kate Zernike, The New York Times
Erik Wemple, The Washington Post

Brooks Barnes, The New York Times
Barbara Chai, The Wall Street Journal
Ramin Setoodeh, New York film editor for Variety

Todd Douglas Miller, director, “Dinosaur 13″
Nadav Schirman, director, “The Green Prince”
Greg Whiteley, director, “Mitt”

Rachel Sklar, technology writer and co-founder of The List
Debra Wilson, actress

Andrew Rossi, director, “Page One” and “Ivory Tower”

January 26:

Robert Redford, actor and director

Sam Schwartz, head of business development, Comcast

James Poniewozik, Time magazine
Dorsey Shaw, BuzzFeed

Tiq Milan, senior media strategist of national news at GLAAD
Christina Kahrl, ESPN.com writer and editor

Amanda Hess, Slate contributor
Amy Wallace, GQ correspondent

February 2:

Kate Zernike, The New York Times

Dan Abrams, ABC News anchor

Carol Costello, CNN anchor
Michael Brown, who led FEMA during Hurricane Katrina in 2005

S.E. Cupp, co-host, “Crossfire”
Errol Louis, NY1 host

Richard Deitsch, media reporter, Sports Illustrated
L.Z. Granderson, ESPN
(Joel Klatt, anchor, Fox Sports 1)
(Trey Wingo, ESPN)
(Adam Schefter, ESPN)

February 9:

Glenn Greenwald, editor, The Intercept

Carl Bernstein, author

Christiane Amanpour, CNN chief international correspondent

Bill Carter, television reporter, The New York Times

Dylan Byers, media reporter, Politico
Robin Abcarian, columnist, The Los Angeles Times

Sally Kohn, CNN contributor
Will Cain, CNN contributor

February 16:

Craig Aaron, CEO of the public interest group Free Press

Howard Bragman, founder of Fifteen Minutes PR
Daniel Flynn, author of “The War on Football: Saving America’s Game”

Carl Bernstein, author

Michael Smerconish, radio and CNN host

Kallie Cart, reporter, WCHS-TV, Charleston, WV

February 23: (Wedding weekend)

Jake Tapper, CNN anchor

McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed
Maggie Haberman, senior political reporter, Politico

Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist; CBS News contributor
Jack Mirkinson, senior editor at The Huffington Post

Christy Hoppe, Austin bureau chief, Dallas Morning News

Dave Itzkoff, culture reporter, The New York Times; author, “Mad as Hell”

March 2:

Ben Shapiro, conservative columnist and editor at large for Breitbart.com
Thomas Frank, author, “What’s the Matter with Kansas;” columnist for Salon

Carl Bernstein, author

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN senior legal analyst
Jamal Greene, professor, Columbia Law School

Dylan Byers, Politico

March 9:

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York

Christopher Ruddy, founder, Newsmax

Liz Wahl, former RT anchor

Sally Kohn, CNN contributor
Ben Ferguson, CNN contributor

Sara Sidner, CNN correspondent

March 16: (Live updates on MH370)

Bob Hager, former NBC News aviation correspondent

Frank Sesno, director, George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs
Dr. Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and television commentator

Anna Coren, CNN correspondent

March 23: (Live updates on MH370)

Erik Wemple, The Washington Post

Miles O’Brien, CNN aviation analyst
Jon Ostrower, aerospace and Boeing beat reporter for The Wall Street Journal

Jahabar Sadiq, editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Insider

Liz Wahl, former RT anchor

March 30:

Alan Murray, president of the Pew Research Center

James Fallows, national correspondent, The Atlantic
Andrew Beaujon, media reporter and blogger for the Poynter Institute

Carreen Winters, executive vice president at the PR firm MWW Group

Sarah Kliff, senior editor, Vox
Elise Viebeck, staff writer, The Hill

Ben Richardson, former editor-at-large, Bloomberg News

April 6:

Deborah Norville, host, “Inside Edition”

Marc Lamont Hill, CNN political analyst and host of “Huffington Post Live”
Ben Ferguson, radio host and CNN commentator

Carol Costello, CNN anchor

Maggie Haberman*

Miles O’Brien*

April 13:

Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota

Michelle Fields, a correspondent for PJ Media and a conservative commentator
Keli Goff, progressive columnist for The Daily Beast

Dick Cavett, former late night talk show host

Frank Sesno

Jim Spellman, Washington-based correspondent for China’s CCTV

April 20:

Chet Kanojia, founder, Aereo

Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS News correspondent

Glenn Greenwald, editor, The Intercept

Jamie Rubin, former State Department spokesman

April 27:

Barry Diller, lead investor, Aereo

Jack MacKenzie, president of Magid Generational Strategies
Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News

Mike Bettes, Weather Channel storm-chaser

David Brock, president, Media Matters for America

May 4:

Dana Bash, CNN chief congressional correspondent
Glenn Thrush, Politico magazine senior staff writer

Carl Bernstein, author

Matt Trotter, Oklahoma Public Radio
Greg Bluestein, the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Peter Lauria, business editor, BuzzFeed

Vladimir Duthiers, CNN’s correspondent in West Africa

May 11:
Joe Hagan, New York magazine writer
Jeff Greenfield, author and former ABC, CBS and CNN analyst

Rep. Mike Rogers, Republican of Michigan; chairman, House Intelligence Committee

Maria Elena Salinas, Univision co-anchor

Naomi Wolf, bestselling writer
Jeffrey Toobin, CNN senior legal analyst

May 18:
Ken Auletta, media columnist for The New Yorker magazine

Dylan Byers, media reporter, Politico
Lisa Belkin, senior national correspondent for Yahoo
Rebecca Traister, senior editor at The New Republic

Robin Roberts, “Good Morning America” co-host

Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor

Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC commissioner

May 25:
Dr. Sam Foote, V.A. whistleblower
Drew Griffin, CNN correspondent

David Folkenflik, media correspondent for NPR
Sarah Ellison, contributing writer, Vanity Fair

Paul Begala, CNN contributor
S.E. Cupp, co-host, “Crossfire”

Matt Taibbi, author, “The Divide”

June 1:

Carl Bernstein, author
Mark Leibovich, The New York Times Magazine

Jeff Greenfield, news media analyst
Dave Cullen, author, “Columbine”

Joanna Coles, editor in chief, Cosmopolitan magazine

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower

Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer, The Atlantic

Drew Griffin, CNN correspondent

June 8:

Matt Lewis, senior contributor, The Daily Caller
Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker’s Washington correspondent
Gloria Borger, CNN chief political analyst

Matthew Farwell

Mark Leibovich, The New York Times Magazine
Amy Chozick, The New York Times

Ivan Watson, CNN senior international correspondent

Ted Sarandos, chief content officer, Netflix

June 15:

Christina Bellantoni, the editor and chief of Roll Call
David Leonhardt, editor of The Upshot
Jake Sherman, congressional reporter for Politico

John Burns, The New York Times

David Clinch, executive editor of Storyful

John Avlon, editor in chief, The Daily Beast

Dylan Byers of Politico
Erik Wemple, The Washington Post

June 22:

Jonathan Landay, McClatchy national security correspondent
Peter Beinart, contributing editor to Atlantic Media

Linda Sarsour, national advocacy director, National Network of Arab American Communities
Brigitte Gabriel, founder, ACT! for America

L.Z. Granderson, CNN contributor

Tony Messenger, editorial editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Lois and Juris Greste, parents of Peter Greste

Levar Burton, “Reading Rainbow” host

June 29: (Out sick)

July 6:

Lloyd Grove, editor at large, The Daily Beast

Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs, Princeton University

Tal Yarkoni, psychologist and research associate, University of Texas in Austin
Zeynep Tufekci, assistant professor, UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Literary Science

Ruben Castaneda, author, “S Street Rising”

July 13:

Josh Earnest, White House press secretary

Kiran Chetry, former CNN and Fox News anchor
Judy Woodruff, co-anchor and managing editor, “PBS NewsHour”

David Weigel, political reporter, Slate

Evan Perez, CNN justice reporter

July 20: (Partially pre-empted by breaking news)

Jim Clancy, CNN anchor

Sara Firth, former RT reporter

David Carr, The New York Times*
Henry Blodget, editor in chief, Business Insider*

Len Downie, former Washington Post executive editor*
Chris Hamby, BuzzFeed investigative reporter*

July 27: (Gaza updates)

Rula Jebreal, former MSNBC contributor

Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent, The Atlantic

Chris Cuomo, “New Day” co-anchor

Maziar Bahari, Newsweek reporter who was detained in Iran

August 3: (Gaza updates)

Glenn Beck, radio and television host

Rula Jebreal
Elliott Abrams, former Bush administration deputy national security advisor

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New York magazine

August 10:

S.E. Cupp, “Crossfire” co-host
James Zogby, president, Arab American Institute

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent

Glenn Beck

Anne Barnard, Beirut bureau chief, The New York Times

Ken Auletta, The New Yorker staff writer

August 17:

Ryan Reilly, reporter, The Huffington Post

Ash-Har Quraishi, correspondent, Al Jazeera America

Marc Lamont Hill, CNN contributor
Crystal Wright, editor, ConservativeBlackChick.com

Frank Sesno, director, G.W. University School of Media and Public Affairs
Jay Rosen, journalism professor at New York University

Dr. Gail Saltz

Ivan Watson, CNN correspondent
Mark Phillips, CNN photojournalist

August 24: (Napa earthquake coverage)

Phil Balboni, CEO, GlobalPost
Gary Pruitt, CEO, The Associated Press

Dan Rather, former “CBS Evening News” anchor

Edward Crawford, Ferguson protester*

Ryan Devereaux, reporter, The Intercept*
David Klinger, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis*

Laurie Segall, CNNMoney technology correspondent*
Shani Hilton, BuzzFeed deputy editor-in-chief*
Kevin Convey, Quinnipiac University journalism department chair*

August 31:

Nancy O’Dell, co-host of “Entertainment Tonight”

Anjem Choudary

Josh Rogin, senior correspondent, The Daily Beast
Naomi Wolf, author and political activist

Patrick Gottsch, founder, RFD-TV

Matti Friedman, former A.P. correspondent

September 7: (Joan Rivers funeral coverage)

Chuck Todd, “Meet The Press” moderator

Ari Fleischer, President George W. Bush’s first press secretary
Bill Burton, former deputy press secretary for President Obama

Ron Fournier, National Journal
Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor, The Nation

Rula Jebreal, foreign policy analyst

Alexandra Field, CNN correspondent
Nischelle Turner, CNN entertainment correspondent
Larry King, former CNN host
Dick Cavett, former late-night talk show host

September 14:

Nic Robertson, CNN senior international correspondent
Jeff Greenfield
Dan Rather

Tim Arango, Baghdad bureau chief, The New York Times

George Martin, former defensive end for the New York Giants
Chris Kluwe, former punter for the Minnesota Vikings

Christine Brennan, sports columnist, USA Today
Gary Belsky, former editor of “ESPN: The Magazine” and ESPNInsider.com

Rep. Barbara Lee, Democrat of California

Daniel Benjamin, former State Department senior counterterrorism adviser*

September 21: (First New York show)

Tony Maddox, executive vice president, CNN International

L.Z. Granderson, CNN contributor
Mark Mravic, assistant managing editor, Sports Illustrated

Anthony Weiner, former Congressman

Marshall Curry, filmmaker

September 28:

Jorge Ramos, Univision and Fusion anchor

Soledad O’Brien, former CNN anchor
Mark Mazzetti, national security correspondent, The New York Times
Michael Scheuer, former CIA intelligence officer

Jim Miller, co-author of “Those Guys Have All the Fun”
Will Leitch, senior writer for Sports on Earth

Erin Gloria Ryan, writer/editor, Jezebel

October 5:

Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post reporter in self-quarantine
Dr. Gavin MacGregor-Skinner

Miles O’Brien, science correspondent for PBS “NewsHour;” former CNN anchor

Matt Bai, author, “All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid”
Michael Isikoff, Yahoo chief investigative correspondent

Claudia Mo, Hong Kong politician

October 12: (Ebola press conference)

Ed Lavandera, CNN correspondent
Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent
Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner

Dr. Gail Saltz

Sam Harris*
Irshad Manji*

Arwa Damon, CNN senior international correspondent*

Jeremy Renner, actor*
Michael Cuesta, director, “Kill The Messenger”*

October 19:

Jonathan Klein, former president of CNN

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Krystal Knapp, editor of the local news site Planet Princeton
Dr. Bob Arnot, former NBC medical correspondent

Seema Yasmin, former disease detective; reporter for The Dallas Morning News

James Risen, author, “Pay Any Price”

October 26:

Jay Carney, former White House press secretary; CNN political analyst

Dr. Alexander Van Tulleken, CNN medical analyst
Arthur Caplan, director of the division of medical ethics, NYU’s Langone Medical Center

Frank Sesno
Rula Jebreal

Donna Rice Hughes, president, Enough is Enough

Sara Ganim, CNN investigative correspondent

November 2:

John Coleman, co-founder, The Weather Channel
David Kenny, CEO, The Weather Company

Isha Sesay, anchor, CNN International

Alan Simpson, former U.S. Senator

Fred Davis, Republican media consultant
Dale Woods, general manager, WHO-TV

Glenn Greenwald

November 9:

Les Moonves, CEO, CBS Corporation

Dylan Ratigan, former MSNBC anchor
Dan Rather

L. Brent Bozell, founder, Media Research Center

Michael Scotto, Capitol Hill reporter for New York’s cable news channel NY1

Jon Stewart (interviewed by Christiane Amanpour)

November 16:

Barbara Bowman, who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault

Bassem Masri, live-streamer and activist in Ferguson
Sara Sidner, CNN correspondent

Errol Louis
Marc Lamont Hill

Mark Landler, White House correspondent, The New York Times

Tim Wu, Columbia law professor

November 23:

Sara Sidner, CNN correspondent
Benjamin Lipman, media and communications attorney

Jim Moret, chief correspondent, “Inside Edition”

Brett Zongker, Associated Press reporter who questioned Bill Cosby

Jeff Greenfield
Noah Rothman, associate editor at HotAir.com

Sarah Lacy, founder and editor, PandoDaily

November 30:

Ed Lavandera, CNN correspondent

Jason Carroll, CNN correspondent
Sara Sidner, CNN correspondent
Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post

Frank Sesno
Frank Absher, founder, the St. Louis Media History Foundation

Elon James White, founder, This Week in Blackness
Crystal Wright

Jemele Hill, ESPN

Bob Huber, editor-at-large, Philadelphia Magazine

December 7:

Dan Pfeiffer, White House senior advisor

Taylor Rees Shapiro, Washington Post reporter
Sandra Menendez, UVA student

Hanna Rosin, writer for Slate and The Atlantic

Carl Bernstein
Dr. Gail Saltz

Marc Morial, National Urban League president
Johnathan Gentry, West Angeles Church of God in Christ minister
Errol Louis, NY1 host and CNN commentator

December 14:

Andrew Wallenstein, Variety co-editor in chief
Don Lemon, CNN anchor

Alex Pinkleton, UVA student

Bill Harlow, former CIA spokesman
Michael Isikoff, Yahoo chief investigative correspondent

Jorge Ramos, Univision
Jeff Johnson, BET

Ali Rezaian, brother of Jason Rezaian, Wash Post correspondent detained in Iran

December 21: (Sony hack breaking news)

Mark Cuban

Larry King

Kyung Lah, CNN correspondent

Alan Dershowitz, defense lawyer
Gary Michael Walters, Bold Films CEO
Andrew Wallenstein, Variety co-editor in chief

Sean Spicer, RNC communications director

Ernesto Londoño, New York Times editorial board member*
Hugo Cancio, OnCuba editor in chief *

December 28: (AirAsia plane disappearance)

Richard Quest, CNN International anchor

Jon Ostrower, Wall Street Journal aerospace reporter

Andrew Stevens, CNN correspondent

Mary Schiavo
David Soucie
Peter Goelz
Les Abend
Tom Fuentes