Rush Limbaugh on me: “I think he’s 16″

An amusing sequence on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” this afternoon:

LIMBAUGH: I did Greta last night, and it was a full hour, and they got enough tape that there’s gonna be another full hour on Friday. The fact that I was on Fox last night for an hour was almost the lead story on CNN today.

We have three sound bites. Carol Costello, the former Rush stalker. Before she was an anchor, she was a reporter, and she had the Rush beat. And she had as her guest, Brian Stelter, who used to work at a TV blog and then got hired by the New York Times as a media expert. And I think he’s 16. I’m kidding. But he’s a very young man. And Carol Costello was puzzled that I would be on TV in the first place, I don’t do it.